What is body image? Body image is basically how your body is viewed by someone other than yourself. How tall you are, how short you are, how pale you are, or how you have acne on your face. All of this is included in your body image and affects your mental health in one way or other.

We live in the era of photos and Instagram. Everyone is so concerned about how they view themselves to others. Everything revolves around how and what someone else thinks about you.

This race has long been started and seems like a never-ending one. Every individual wants to get themselves the position. But despite all of this, we have to see that this competition of never-ending accomplishment is causing restlessness among everyone.

All of this is having quite severe effects on the mental health of the people. Many people are a victim to complexes all because of this game. It is a fact that everyone wants the best for themselves, and for doing so, they go to all lengths. And in the time we live in, we can see the evident effects of body image in our society’s youth.

Struggles that come with improving body image:

To get something better, people tend to go for artificial ways if you do not have it. And not saying these are a waste of money, but they seriously have some long-term harmful effects on the body.

But, some people tend to oversee the long-term impact and want to enjoy the short-lived happiness they get from it. For this purpose, many people resort to

  1. Diets
  2. Extreme body exercise
  3. Plastic surgeries 
  4. Facial surgeries 

While some are just simple ideas to improve body image, people tend to take them to extreme heights. And that is where it all comes down. Being mindful of what you eat has nothing wrong with it. But having little to no nutrients go in your body on a very regular basis can cause severe complexities in the body. 

Effects of lousy diet on mental health:

Having a good diet that consists of all the essential nutrition can alleviate your mood. According to a study, eating healthy and having a balanced diet gives birth to ‘good’ bacteria in your body. This bacteria is then responsible for your good mood. And eventually, having a good attitude helps you perform better in life and have positive thinking.

Similarly, eating junk food or having a fatty diet is the reason for you having negative thoughts. It is because you fall victim to your review. It is responsible for giving you a negative perspective of your body. So it is imperative to have a balanced diet to maintain a positive outlook on life.

Effects of extreme exercise:

No doubt, going to the gym or just doing physical activities to lose weight is an excellent approach to start with. But going to the extent that your body becomes numb is absolutely wrong. Your body is allowed to handle an amount of daily physical load. And if you exceed it, it can affect your body.

Jogging in the morning, mild weight lifting based on how your body can handle it, cardio all are good ways to improve your physical health. It helps improve blood circulation and makes you more active.

But, if you overdo it, it can seriously have adverse effects on your body. Always make sure whatever you do for your body never exceeds the amount that is good for it just so you can get fast results.

 Plastic surgeries/ Facial surgeries and Mental Health:

In recent times we have seen people shift their preferences. From liking natural beauty, people now prefer their bodies to be of a specific shape and size. They want their lips to look more fuller, their eyes are more prominent, and their nose smaller.

Apart from this, they aspire to have clear skin. Nobody in this day and age would want a pale skin tone. People resort to artificial tanning machines so that they may get the perfect skin tone.

And despite all of this, people still are never happy with themselves. With each passing day, they see something new and want to have precisely the same thing. All of this is having a troll on them. A human being is made perfect in all ways. And trying to change yourself for social standards is a miserable thing we have to witness.

Not only that, but it is also affecting the mental peace of the people.

To have a peaceful and happy life, everyone has to accept themselves for the way they are. No amount of surgeries and strict diets can beat your inner natural beauty. Taken that people want to have a better image of themselves, but to attain it, we should never opt for something so strict that may later meddle with our inner peace.